Dishonesty in medicine!

Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by M.Furfur, May 30, 2008.

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    cool pictures. some interesting facts - like the one about NEJM policy re peer reviewing and punitive actions taken by them against those in violation of that policy. However, I honestly do not see the point of this article. You mean, healthcare professionals can LIE? DUH!!! Most of us don't, but it is ridiculous to expect that none of us do. You mean, we would not ask someone we know we pissed off for a LOR? Serious? Why, I think we should look to present a well-balanced image of ourselves to our prospective employers. Lets just hope everyone does the same - 'cause otherwise we are screwed. And, OMG, there are only so many ways that I can describe progress of an 80 yo man with mild dementia who recovered from his UTI in his records: "Well. Awaiting nursing home placement." I am sorry if this statement is copycatted for five weeks, but actually it just means that the man is doing pretty damn good for his age.

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