Dismissed from osteopathic school due to comlex leave

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May 24, 2012
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I got dismissed due to failing the COMLEX 1 after 3 attempts. I finished my first 2 years successfully. Finished a handful of rotations with great/perfect clinical grades.
Many months have past by, received therapy and counseling to make sure I am fit and ready for the next faze of my life.
I am open to any suggestions. I am considering a career in the healthcare field. I have a bachelors of science and a masters in medical science as well with a combined 3.6 GPA.
I am considering Pharmacy school since I am volunteering/ shadowing and soon to be a tech. Will likely apply To a program that doesn't require a PCat. Hopefully get into the accelerated programs such as lecom and mass.
Another option would be to continue medicine in the Caribbean. Just get the degree after 16 months of rotations. I have contacted a few low tier medical schools down there and is willing to have the credits transferred. I know matching is low but there are many careers especially in the medical technology field that is growing.
I know I'm going to get blasted but any suggestions would help. Thank you all.

I'd like to add that the comlex exam would probably disappear from this world in the next few years due to the merger. So it could be a good thing for me lmao

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