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Diversity Essay topic help?


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Apr 29, 2019
  1. Pre-Medical
    hi! I'm someone who switched from pre-vet to pre-med my junior year of college (my volunteer experiences with hippotherapy programs were the spark that made me realize I wanted to work with humans and do research on human global health and chronic disease). Graduated then(and since I obvi needed human clinical experiences) I've been working at a top hospital in clinical research, and shadowing etc. I think my main issue is that pre-vet to pre-med does make me a different/diverse applicant, but that I'm struggling to translate that to answer the "what will you add to our school?" part of the prompt.

    My question is what to write my diversity essay on:

    first option: child of two first gen immigrants (italian and Indian), very close to my mom's italian family, love to cook with my Nonna because her story of coming to this country is bad-ass (eloped at 17 to venzuela because she was fighting with her dad who came back from being a POW). This would go into how I learned to cook by making the same cake 20 times until I got it right, switched all my recipes to dairy free for an allergic friend, and used food and cooking as social glue as a college athlete to help our team function bond.

    second option: pre-vet to pre-med. I already spoke about the volunteer experience which brought me to medicine in my primary, but I did some pretty interesting research on anatomy using animal models (wild turkeys), tree/ecology research when I first started wavering on pre-vet and thought trees were my new focus. I think the theme here would be that I learned to care for other beings in a completely different way than most pre-meds. I started with the non-verbal animals (and my hippotherapy work is also with non-verbal children), my athletic/volunteer experiences were also along this line.

    Any advise on prompts to spark my writing here? or on which prompt you (personally) find more impactful as a reader?
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