Aug 15, 2015
I'm in my late 20s thinking about going to med school. Open to MD and DO.
cGPA 3.4x
I don't want to go through a formal post bacc program since I've already took all the pre-med courses. But I'm interested in raising/repairing my GPA by taking a few upper level science courses at a CUNY, specifically Hunter.

For those who have done post-bacc at Hunter, I would appreciate if you gave me some advice on this:
-Is it better to apply as a non-degree or 2nd degree student? Pros/Cons of each?
-Is a non-degree student going to be shut out of upper level sciences courses?
-If I apply for a 2nd degree, will I have to finish that 2nd degree? Will they hold my transcript if I don't?
-If I took Bio as my undergrad degree, can I still apply for a science 2nd degree?

Thank you for those taking your time to read and answer my questions.