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Do any US Medical Schools still offer the "Traditional" Curriculum?

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Year four and still haven't failed out yet, cool.
2+ Year Member
Jul 5, 2017
  1. Medical Student
The classic Flexner model where you take the basic sciences in M1, then all the pathology, pathophysiology, med micro, pharm and Medicine of the organ systems in M2.

We actually do this, but in block form.

First year, we have the following from July to February. Anatomy for the relevant block is completed in that block:
Biochemistry, Musculoskeletal 1, Neuro 1, Cardio/Pulm 1, GI/Renal 1, Endo/Repro 1, ending with Immuno/Heme 1 in March.

From March to June, we have the following:
Fundamentals of Disease and Treatment 1 (microbiology), Fundamentals of Disease and Treatment 2 (cancer biology + vascultides), and Musculoskeletal 2 (pathophysiology of MSK)

The next year is all pathophysiology:
Neuro 2, Renal 2, Cardio 2, Pulm 2, Heme 2, GI 2, and then we end with Fundamentals of Behavioral Science before dedicated (May 1 - June 23rd deadline).
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