Aug 30, 2015
I see there are no threads or information about osteopathic students attempting to match into ACGME programs as couples.

Just want to see if anyone has ever experienced it and can shed some light on how difficult it was and what had to be done differently compared to allopathic counterparts who do not have a bias against them.


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Feb 19, 2010
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Strategy for a successful DO couples' match into ACGME programs:
1) Be certain that staying together is more important that getting your number one rank.
2) Have a realistic conversation about where you both are willing to live. Don't agree to move to Michigan if you hate shoveling snow.
3) Look at areas that have multiple programs within the same city or within driving distance.
4) Look at the current resident pages of your selected programs. Do they have a good track record of taking DOs?
5) Apply broadly within your agreed-upon areas (25-30 programs to get 12-15 interviews). This can get pricy.
6) Try to go to every interview invitation location where your SO also has an interview. It can be heartbreaking, but you may end up turning down interviews at great programs because your SO didn't get one there. On the flip side, we were able to secure an interview for one of us because the other had already interviewed there and was well liked.
7) Make the rank list: Negotiate with your partner on which programs each of you like, for what reasons and be honest about which program/location will set each of you up for the best long-term career outcomes.
8) See Number 1
9) Take a deep breath and realize that if you're honest with your partner and realistic about your credentials, you may just end up getting great training, alongside the person you love, in a place that you never expected.
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