Do Dental Schools know if your undergraduate school have a commitee

Jun 17, 2011
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My undergrad college does have a committee, However, for some stupid reason they require the dental kids to have their DAT scores before their interview but the medical kids do not need an MCAT score... blows my mind....but anyways there are not a ton of pre-dental kids at my school and the committee only gave us a week long period where we could sign up for a interview July 20-27 (they have been doing medical interviews since mid May).

Here is my situation. I do not trust my pre-dental advisor because she does not know what she is talking about (she basically tells people if you do not have a 3.75 and a 21+ you probably wont get in). She also said that since the dental kids are the last to get interview, their letters are the last to get written. She gave us a deadline of mid-August to September 1st when the letter would be submitted. That means I could be waiting on a single letter for my application to be complete. I also decided to push my DAT back a week until July 28th and now I am not even eligible for the interview.

I got my LORs from science professors, my application was submitted and sent out. The only thing I am missing is my DAT. So here is my main question.

I see that a lot of dental schools state on their website that a committee letter is required, but if your school does not have one you can use professors. Do dental schools know if your undergraduate college has pre-health committees?

Do you think I will be at a disadvantage since I am not using my committee?
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