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Medical Do DO schools give out scholarships to those with multiple acceptances?

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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
I was fortunate enough to be accepted to 2 osteopathic medical schools: LECOM-SH and ARCOM. I honestly love both schools for different reasons and I’m having a hard time deciding between them.

I’ve seen on the forums where allopathic medical schools will “fight” for the student to go to their school by offering them a scholarship.
Does this occur at osteopathic schools as well if I alert the school I have received another acceptance?

Thanks so much!
I don't know about "fight" as a term, but as far as I know, DO schools offer scholarships too, and they would like to keep good students.

If you are holding two acceptances, they need to help you close down to one very soon. They probably know you are holding an offer from the other so get them to make their "best" financial aid packages and decide soon. It shouldn't just be about grant amount, but consider overall effect on your cost of attendance.

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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
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Not picking on you, OP, but there seems to be this mass delusion among pre-meds that having more than one acceptance makes you a "catch". It's a lot more subtle than that.

Albany could care less if you got an accept to, say, NYMC. And vice-versa. Harvard, on the other hand, would be interested in you if you got into Yale or and Stanford. Ditto the reverse.

But Harvard wont' care if you got into Drexel, Albany and NYMC. But these three school will care if you got into Harvard.

Still with me?

Your own state schools will usually also want you to come to them.

So, IF an MD school wants you, they'll sweeten the pot with some sort of tuition break. Scholarships, on the other hand, you have to apply for.

Now, in the DO world, we're really lousy at fundraising, and have no endowments for financial aid...especially two brand new schools like ARCOM. Thus, they will not get into a bidding war over you.


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Mar 12, 2013
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I honestly think your chances of getting a break are limited with DO schools (especially the two you mentioned). DO schools have a ton of students they can choose from. Getting two acceptances is not rare. A lot of the time, students who are competitive for medical school get into multiple schools because, well....they are competitive for medical school. For example, I had five acceptances and didn't get any offer for scholarship, etc. If you don't go to one of the schools, they will just pick from the other bazillion applicants they get to fill their class (and pockets). DO schools are private and are there to make money. MD schools are much more merit-based and will sometimes offer deals like the ones Goro stated above to get you to come to their school.
Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
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Thank you all very much for your replies!

I do not feel picked on at all, I am asking the question because I am very much uninformed how this whole process works and appreciate the advice! "Catch" is certainly a better term and more of what I meant than thinking the schools will "fight" over candidates. I would have felt silly if I got to class the first day and found out all of my peers had a scholarship that I was potentially missing out on.

Would you please share your advice on your thought process choosing between LECOM-SH and ARCOM? I have read the forums extensively on this topic, but this is a big decision, one I do not take lightly.


Medical Girl
Well, SH is a remote learning campus of the Erie school, right? Have they graduated students? I can't remember how long they've been in action.

ARCOM, being a brand new school, is not as good a choice as an established school.
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