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Aug 3, 2006
Hi everyone,

My Background is as follows:

Undergrad in Electrical Engineering from Carleton University, with CGPA of B- (Full Time & Good Grades the 1st couple of years, and then 6, 7, 5 courses(all 0.5 Credits) per year in the last 3 years with mediocre to D- (no F tho) Grades).

After my BSEE, i took 4 EE grad courses at Carleton with A- Average.

Now at 28 I'm doing M.eng at concordia university, with a 3.5 CGPA, with the not-so-bad hopes of bringing my Grad CGPA up to 3.7, especially after I change my remaining courses to easier 1's. I'll be done with my M.Eng before I Turn 29, and probabbly start applying by 30.

And at this point, I'm missing the Anatomy and Biology Pre-Requisites, for Queens and U o T.

So I'm wondering if I do manage a 3.7 CGPA with my M.Eng, do I only then need to ace the Anatomy and Biology Pre-Requisites and the MCAT to have a decent shot ?

or Do I need to do Post-Bac, or, Pre-Med, or just enough under-grad courses (as an independent or special student)
to bring my BSEE B- CGPA to B (3.0/4.0) ?

or even worse, am I gonna need to do another Bachelor's Degree in Biochem or something with 3.8/4.0 under-grad CGPA ?

in any case, If I stop doing anything related to EE for more than a year, my EE M.eng will likely be considered obsolete by most commercial employers, and by then if I dont get into a med school, I think i'll be screwed for life.
especially with my total student loan outstanding at around 40,000 Cad by the time i get my EE M.Eng.

any opinions and feed back are really appreciated.

thanks alot
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