Medical Do I have enough clinical volunteer experience?

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  • Sep 28, 2015
    1. Medical Student
      I don't think i have enough clinical experience for my medical school application. Here's what I have:
      1. An internship that comprised of meeting with doctors and reading/writing about surgical practices (not technically clinical i know but at least hopefully shows early awareness of the field) - freshman college summer
      2. Non-clinical volunteering (fairly extensive) - end of freshman/all of soph year
      3. Clinical volunteering (hospice - home care volunteer) - junior year
      4. Shadowing - junior year
      Does the clinical volunteering look too late? I was very caught up with other forms of volunteering sophomore year and didn't quite clue-in to the need for clinical volunteering until later.
      My only clinical volunteer experience in the last 20 years was hospice, the majority of which was in skilled nursing homes. I did have ~ 50 hrs of shadowing as well.

      I applied with an avg MCAT and got 11 invites, attended 7 interviews and received 4 acceptances. I was asked about my hospice volunteering at the majority of my interviews, including all of the schools that offered me acceptance.

      I also wrote about my hospice volunteering in several of my secondaries and in none of those instances did I mince the fact that most of my time spent with patients was in skilled nursing facilities.
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