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Mar 21, 2018
Hi all, I’ve lurked for years but it’s my first time posting, so I apologize if the formatting is off or if this is the wrong place to post.

I graduated in 2019 with a 3.25 cGPA and a 3.01 sGPA. I have ADHD that was diagnosed only after I finished college and started a job, and it took a toll on my GPA. I’m scheduled to take the MCAT this Friday and, based on my FLs, it looks like I’m getting ~510-515.

Relevant info:
  • URM (Puerto Rican)​
  • Female​
  • Florida resident​
  • Microbiology and Philosophy double major at high ranked FL school​
ECs etc:​
  • 150+ hours shadowing—some in Spanish in Puerto Rico, some in English in FL
  • 70+ hours participating in clinical conference calls with doctors, their healthcare teams, and patients (part of my job, covid-era)
  • ~80 clinical volunteering and planning to do more once covid chills out
  • ~50 nonclinical, mostly helping with dinner at a homeless shelter while in undergrad, going to start contactless food distribution volunteering soon. I know this is a weak spot and I’m currently looking for more opportunities since I’ll soon be done with the MCAT, and hopefully will be able to do even more once covid chills out
  • 1000s of hours of research—2 years in undergrad (poster); full time public health lab job for the past year (started out sequencing pathogenic bacteria, then COVID testing and sequencing); promoted to fellow at the same lab and will be presenting at 2 conferences/might get a publication out of it
  • Work: (see above) full time public health lab, prestigious name-brand fellowship
  • Was in a few different clubs in undergrad (mostly philosophy-related)
  • Current member of local microbio society
  • Precinct committeeperson (local gov)

I’ve spoken to a couple advisors and they recommended that I do an SMP. However, this is obviously a huge financial commitment and risk. If I did ~30 (or more?) credits of upper level science classes at my local 4-year university and maintained around a 4.0, could this help to redeem my GPA?

I’d rather not do an SMP because of the financial strain, having to relocate, etc., but if it’s what I need to do to get into medical school, I’ll do it. Either way, I’m confident that I can do well now that I’ve been properly diagnosed and learned how to deal with this condition.

Some questions:

Should I do an SMP or a post bacc? Would an SMP pose any advantage over a DIY post bacc?

Is my projected MCAT score where it should be, given my GPA, or should I push it back until I can score higher (515+)?

What should my general timeline be? Would my MCAT expiring be a concern if I applied next summer?

I guess I’d just really like some general guidance. There’s so many different paths I could take and I don’t know which one is best. Thank you in advance!
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I figured that was the case but didn’t hurt to ask. Would doing well in a ~1 year DIY post bacc and getting a 510-515 MCAT suffice, or is an SMP the way to go?
A DIY postbac can do the job.

I personally prefer recommending the special master's program route as though even though they are more high-risk, there are more high-reward. They are, in essence, the backdoor into medical school
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