Medical Do I need clinical employment for app?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi all,

I will be applying next cycle (2020) and am worried my application is looking too unbalanced.
I will have roughly:
1600+ Research (job) + poster (no pub which is sad)
400+ Nonclinical Volunteering
<300 Clinical Volunteering
40+ Shadowing

This is with NO clinical work experience. I am definitely not interested in pursuing a PhD and at this point, I'm scared to even get involved with more research. I was thinking of trying to get another poster in sooner to application so my hours seem more productive for research but again, I think it may add to the imbalance.

I graduated Spring 2019 if it makes a difference so I have a little time to make a difference.
You don't need clinical employment. Your ECs are fine.

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