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Medical Do I still have a chance at medical school?

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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
So long story short I started my undergrad career at a small private university and was doing pretty well making As and Bs and I think one C on my first semester of Gen Chem but made a B- the following semester. ( I hate chemistry). I transferred to a university a little close to home but still states away because I was homesick. After transferring to a State university everything went downhill. Between my own anxiety, massive campus and culture shock and worrying about things going on back home out of my control I flunked several classes. 5 to be exact. All of them were pre med pre requisites. I graduated thankfully but I’m still deficient in these classes I plan on taking them at a local university close to home I’m also working to support my family and I have many hours of shadowing. I guess what I’m asking is, is there hope for me. Medicine is all I want to do and I would hate for everything I worked for in the beginning to be brushed aside because of these last semesters.

thanks in advance!
If you have your anxiety under control, there is a chance if you do well. The problem is that unless you live in a huge city, medical schools are not always convenient to home. How do we know you won't have issues in medical school?

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I actually live in a big city but I left for college. Moving back my local university also has a medical school that I’m aiming for. I think transferring from a really small university to a massive university was just a little too stressful. I know it sounds a little ridiculous but I had never ridden a bus before until I went to the state university. I was late to class so many times or just didn’t make it because I kept missing the bus. Either way I did learn how to orient and schedule things accordingly so I could make the bus in time but it was too late.


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Mar 12, 2013
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You will obviously need to take the prerequisite classes and are under a microscope now. You need to do WELL on them. What is your GPA? You will most likely (depending on what you GPA is) need to complete a SMP/postbac to have a chance at medical school. You will also need to do well on your MCAT.

What does the rest of your app look like for

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Sep 28, 2009
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Ultimately, if you're able to show that you were able to conquer whatever made you fail the first time around, you have a shot. That being said, your GPA matters a lot, and if you failed, those F's are going to factor into your GPA heavily even if you retake classes - retaking the classes does not change those grades from F's into A's. I think you have a lot to prove, and you'll also need a stellar MCAT score to make this work out. It's a long shot, and you do have a chance. I think it's worthwhile, though, to reevaluate if academically this shot is too long. There are other medical careers out there that you can get into now, and to get into medical school, you'd have to do excellently (as in A's) in these courses, have a stellar MCAT score, and likely spend multiple years getting tons of experience to outpace your peers in the medical exposure department and/or do an expensive SMP that is no guarantee of admission.

So I would retake these courses, but recognize that your chances are slim and be ready to redirect if even one part of your plan doesn't work out.
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