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DO Do I still have a shot : /


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Air Force
Jul 3, 2016
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hey man literally logged in to comment to you. I'm no goro by any means but statwise your def competitive. I think the inconsistencies GPA wise will hurt you the most but wont sink you. If you get the chance explain that you've moved on from cannabis (Note cannabis is the most PC term for it fyi) in a healthy way but don't overdue it if that makes sense. Apply broad and early for best results always! Should get an acceptance imo. One last thing if you listened to your parents and didn't follow your dreams you'd always wonder what if?
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    Jul 18, 2014
    1. Medical Student
      You have similar stats to me. I have a 3.5+/3.2+/510+ and received an II to all 6 DO schools i was complete at. My advice is get 50ish hours shadowing primary care and get a DO letter and you should have the luxury of turning down schools. Apply very broadly (20 DO) given your less than stellar post bacc and the marijuana thing


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      Jun 11, 2010
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      1. Non-Student
        A bit bummed out as my family is telling me to save my money and not apply. Looking for a second opinion I guess.

        • cGPA=3.32, sciGPA=3.31
        • MCAT=510 (127/127/127/129) (one attempt)
        • 250 hours as a home health aide for individuals with developmental disabilities
        • 250 hours EMT at a private ambulance service
        • 500 hours volunteer EMT at a small fire station
        • 900 hours as a k-5 math tutor for Americorps (is this still volunteering if I got a stipend?)
        • 1200 hours door dash delivery driver (probably irrelevant not sure if I should include it)
        • 6 hours shadowing hospitalist MD, 6 hours shadowing orthopedic surgeon MD (trying to find DO to shadow finding it a bit hard)
        • White male
        Now for some general bad stuff that I feel is going to hurt me. Have B- in anatomy after a withdrawal retake senior year. Have a second withdrawal in calc II sophomore year. F in orgo I sophomore year retaken for a B. B- in biochem junior year. Few other scattered B- and C's in undergrad. Took a gap year to try and raise gpa before applying. First semester was a B, C and a W. This looks horrible I know. Second semester was a bit better and got two classes of A's only 5 credits though.

        One more bad thing I got placed on a 6 month disciplinary probation my freshman year for smoking marijuana.

        Give it to me straight. I have enough money to apply to 17 schools right now but could probably build up a little more. Also anythings I should work on are greatly appreciated.
        Fine for DO but lethal for MD, except your state school
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