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DO in NY ...

Discussion in 'Pediatrics' started by steve, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. steve

    steve Junior Member

    Oct 7, 2000
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    I am a 3rd year NYCOM student who has become interested in Peds ... I have a few questions.

    There are a few osteo residencies in the area, but there are not many osteo fellowships in peds, so can you do an allopathic fellowship after a osteo residency ... are there any fellowship spots that are DO friendly, esp in cadio or ICU?

    Has anyone done an osteo internship followed by an allopathic residency ... I want to do the internship if I can, but I also want to do the best residency I can get into ... I know a lot of NYCOMers go to Winthrop, but have any of them done the internship first?

    Does anyone know anything about the strength of the Newark peds program? What about Mammo, esp if I am not Jewish?

    Any help about any of this woud be great.
    Thank you
  2. I did my peds residency ( allopathic ) at a small , but very good, community hospital in Detroit ( St John Hospital)
    there were 5 residents per year, and in my class 2 were DO's
    The program director there was able to finagle the mandatory internship year, by basically having them do 10 months of peds, or something like that.
    They did a month on OB elective ( basically attending deliveries ) and a month of surgery...which both did as peds surgery.

    anyway, they met their criteria for their internship, and also met the residency requirements for the peds residency...with no extra time required.

    Neither did a fellowship, and are now doing general peds.

    During my fellowship, I saw a few DO's ( peds ENT and a radiology fellow)

    I think the ENT fellow did an osteopathic residency ( ENT)

    I also sat on the fellowship admissions commitee, and we had a few applications from DO's. Can't remember any from an osteopathic residency.
    The one thing that stood out to us, and hurt DO applicants, was lack of USMLE scores, mainly because the DO boards used numbers that we just weren't familiar with. I think if you want to do an allopathic residency or fellowship, USMLE is a good idea.

    NOW the "third rail"
    This is always a very touchy subject, but I am going to give my opinion.
    I think that allopathic peds residencies are usually better because the variety of patients you see is much greater. your exposure to critical care, and subspecialties is better. I remember going on transport to the local osteopathic hospital to get sicker patients from them. I am sure there are many fine osteopathic hospitals with fine physicians, but I think for a peds residency you need a large community hospital, or a childrens hospital...most of which are associated with allopathic schools.
    The best doc I ever worked with was a peds ER guy that was a DO, and did his peds ER training at Wash U
  3. group_theory

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    Oct 2, 2002
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    Attending Physician
    Before I start, let me tell you a bit about myself

    I'm just a 4th year undergrad (going to PCOM next year) but work at CHOP in neonatology.

    What HiFi said about osteopathic pediatric residency is generally true. They take place mostly in osteopathic hospitals which are often community hospitals.

    However, most osteopathic pediatric residencies also require their residents to rotate through major city hospitals - some including children's hospitals.

    I know several osteopathic residency programs around here that will require their residents to spent several months at CHOP in the ED, NICU, and PICU.

    So when it comes down to looking for residency - make sure you know what the program is about and what your goals are.

    If you want to be a general peds, then a community hospital will be fine. If you want to subspecialize (fellowship), then you have to look for oppertunity to rotate through major allopathic hospitals. Remember that one of the requirements for board certification in a subfield of peds is a publication (as a first author) in a respected peer-review journal.

    Hehehe - I have a question of my own.

    If I want to do Med-Peds, will the first year count as an "osteopathic traditional internship" year or will I have to do a intership year and start over again as PG-1 in Med-Peds?
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