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Jan 13, 2007
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If this has been answered in previous threads, I apologize. I was wondering if there were any Canadian D.O. students who have landed a residency in Ontario? I know that on paper it is possible (although I think that D.O.s can only match in Family Medicine...please correct me if I am wrong), but does it actually happen? Does anybody know/heard of somebody matching at an Ontario medical school?

I am considering attending a D.O. school next fall, but ultimately want to return back to Ontario. And am trying to determine if I should anticipate doing an American residency then going back to Ontario, or if I should anticipate that I might be able to study in Ontario for my residency.

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Dec 10, 2006
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The only province you can't land a residency as a DO (on paper) is Saskatchewan. Ontario seems to be the most open to DO students. I know a DO student matched into pathology at U of T last year, so that seems encouraging. If not, landing a residency in the US shouldn't be a problem.
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