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Apr 5, 2002
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Are most PA programs in universities that also have a med school? Is it a downfall if the PA program is at a university without a med school?

I will be attending Central Michigan University, and I wanted to study pre-med, but I found out that CMU has a fantastic Physician Assistant program. The program was developed for students to fill in positions throughout rural areas in Michigan, but i believe the majority of the students go else where. Someone told me while visiting CMU that the PA program was horrible because the school did not have a Medical School, so the classes a PA goes through will not be as well taught. I dunno, its confusing how to word the questin.. lol. Does anyone know the pros and cons of Central Michigan Universities PA program?


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Aug 25, 2001
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several good community based(non-university) programs exist. they take their lecture staff from clinicians in the local area as well as having a core staff. just stay away from the ones at community of luck-e
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