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[DO only] 3.4/3.3 and 510. How do you think I will do?


Full Member
Feb 16, 2020
  1. Medical Student
Hi, I have a lot of free time on my hands with COVID-19 going on right now and would love to see what people think of my app.

Stats: 3.4 | 3.3 | 510
Research: 2 years in basic science, half a year in clinical research. 1 submission for publication, 1 poster. Total like 1500 hours lol.
Clinical volunteering: ~350-400 hours
Nonclinical volunteering/leadership: ~500 hours
Shadowing: ~30 hours.
LOR: Got a DO letter, plus all the usual letters people have.

Gap year: Just about finishing my first one and am applying through my second.
Job: Tutor for a Special Ed student with a learning disability and a non-related, retail-like job on the side. Because of COVID-19, I'm now tutoring via online, but am on-leave for my second job. I am also doing the clinical research during my gap year.

School list:
Like 33 of the DO schools lol. My bank account is going to suffer for this.
No MD schools. I don't think it's worth paying for something that's most likely not going to happen with my GPA.

What do you think?
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