Hi all. I am new!

I've been reading the posts as far back as I can go, and can I just say that this is an amazing resource! Not the help I would ever find at my school (my fellow premeds are too competetive to help each other much) ! I hope to get to know some of you guys, seems like everyone has some insight to offer!

Anyway, I was wondering.. Do multiple undergrad transfers hurt you? I have maintained a stellar gpa thoughout, but if I play devils advocate - I can see how that would look at first glance on an app with multiple transcripts.

What do you think? Anyone facing the same thing?

I am in the process of looking to transfer yet again (but for the final! time) My first college was part of an advanced hs program. Then the second I was there for only a term and had to go back home due to health reasons (I'm told that it would be to my advantage to discuss my health probs on my personal statements)

Now I am at the local state school in my hometown. Which, I hate - and due to their ridiculous general ed requirements - I went from class of 2007 to probably not graduating until 2009! (They require sequential cluster courses every term, every year.. only one section of each. So you miss fall's section - you're out till next year!)

Any thoughts? Thank you for your input. I'll be seeing you around!


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Sep 8, 2005
man hannah, your state school sucks


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Aug 11, 2005
The biggest problem that I can see would be in extracurriculars. The best ECs you can put on your apps, like leadership or research, usually require a few years on one campus to put together. I don't know that the transcript issue would be as big of an issue as a lack of continued involvement in a few focused interests.

As long as you have had some ECs at the schools you've attended, and shown interest in continuing with those interests after transferring then you'll be in great if not awesome shape.


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Jul 7, 2005
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In general, transferring from a school you are unfit for or unhappy with will not hurt you when applying to medical schools... I transferred post freshman year and have had no problem getting my share of interviews (and acceptances :) ) so far... that being said, I have heard (when I asked my premed advisor-- who is on the ADCOM for a big-name med school) that multiple transfers can raise a "red flag" IF there is no legit reason behind the transfer (ie the student makes a habit of feeling unhappy with his/her current school). however, it sounds to me like you have perfectly legit reasons for transferring, just make sure to pick a school you'll be happy at (for good) this time ;)

best of luck :luck: :luck:


MercyKillerDoc said:
That is an awesome state school that you attend. I disagree with the above poster!
Well, it's not awful. But it is a disadvantage as the cluster courses only transfer as general electives.. not counting toward major requirements. =(

The only nice thing is that this system forces.. er, attempts to make the student more well-rounded. Nice, but I wish I had to option.