Do you have a journal club?

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Jul 2, 2005
Does your residency have a journal club? Mine does, and it is painful!!
I was browsing the net, and searched google for journal club to see if I could get some ideas how to make it better. I was directed to wikipedia (i LOVE wikipedia) with the following:

What a great history!

I also checked out the recommended link from wiki -

What an AWESOME site! Basically, this is an on-line journal club, where you can comment about literature. You can also do all of your pubmed research here! I started to integrate this website into our journal club - and now it is lots of fun! What we do is read the discussion on after we present an article. This stimulates an interesting discussion, and we leave a comment about the article after our review.

Since this has made journal club a much more enjoyable event for all involved - I thought that I would share it here.


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Jun 6, 2002
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I think the ACGME and RRC require all residencies to have journal clubs. I know emergency medicine residencies are required, but I think this is also true for all other residencies.


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Nov 6, 2005
You're right - journal clubs are generally part of the core curriculum. is a really great site to search/discuss the literature. If my residency used it, journal club would be a lot more tolerable!


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Nov 12, 2005
I think the idea of an on-line journal club is a great one.
I actually read the post before it was removed, and do not think that it was spam -- and I found it very helpful. I started using it, and have already learned some things about some articles that I had already read that I didn't realize.

I will not re-post it here though, as I don't want to anger the gods....

What I will say, is that this has made me think allot about resources on-line. I did a google search for journal club, and found some interesting things... including a fun wikipedia definition:
(for example, did you know that Sir William Osler established the first formalized journal club at McGill University in Montreal in 1875 !!)

A list of great journal reviews on key cardiology articles:
(this would be great reading before interviews by the way)

It is amazing the resources you can find when you know where to look.