Do you think I even stand a chance at med school?

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Dec 7, 2015
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I don't have specific examples, but I've heard of foreign doctors who came to the US and successfully made it through medical school. I've also heard of a similar story where someone opted for a PA program due to it being a much shorter path and they seem content. Your story sounds unique and you have a lot to offer from your experiences, you can definitely make it through successfully if you keep grinding. Being 30 is not a problem, many of my classmates started med school in their 30s are are doing well. As long as you (and your family if you're married/have kids) are prepared for the many years ahead of you and you can maintain decent grades, then your goals are perfectly feasible.
One option, if you're amenable to moving, is to find a state where Nurse Practitioners have independent practice rights. First get your BSN, then apply to an DNP program. You will be able to do family practice that way. Becoming a PA is an option too, but many programs are just as competitive as Med School. It's still worth looking into.
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Why don’t you study to take steps 1-2 and then apply for residency.
Why don’t you study to take steps 1-2 and then apply for residency.
Because his medical school isn’t recognized by the ECFMG.
I think you can do it dnyal. You just have to prove to the admissions committee that you can handle the academic rigor, like we all do with good grades and a good MCAT. You might even get in without completing a bachelors degree, but that seems like it might be a risk. ADCOMS would have to advise you about that. It’s not your fault that You were born where you were born and that the ECFMG doesn’t recognize your school. You’re not some delusional flunky American going abroad to medical school and trying to come back to practice. I think you have a great chance of success.
Your personal story sounds interesting and compelling, choosing to help people in spite of the violent reality of your upbringing, etc.
Good luck! It’s not the shortest path, but probably the most satisfying and it will surely be worth the effort!
If a school applies for ecfmg certification does it retroactively apply to previously graduated students ? If the answer is yes it might even be worth it for you to push your school.
Getting into medical school in the United States will require UG credits , MCAT, and then a little bit of luck. Plus probably close to 300k in student loans .
are you an American citizen ?
it is an uphill battle and not unfathomable , but the reality is that it is going to be difficult .

the alternative is you could become a nurse practitioner . The pathway is shorter, easier to get into and will provide you with the ability to practice as a primary care nurse practitioner which would fill what you are asking for .
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