doctors only accepting cash payments

Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by freelancewriter, Apr 5, 2004.

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    There's an interesting article on the AP Wire which is popping up in papers around the country:

    Some doctors want cash payment ? and their patients aren't complaining

    The attraction for doctors is less paperwork and less bureaucracy. Patients without insurance are attracted because it's an affordable option.

    A quote:
    "Cherewatenko, a broad-shouldered 45-year-old who wears black jackets and red stethoscopes at work, switched to cash out of desperation six years ago. His suburban Seattle practice was hemorrhaging money, and he and his partners realized they were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars just to process insurance paperwork.

    "We said, 'Let's cut out this administrative waste,'" Cherewatenko said. Before, he charged $79 for an office visit and got $43 from an insurance company months later, minus the $20 in staff time it took to collect the payment. Now he charges $50 ? and he never worries about collection costs, because patients pay in full after every visit."

    Just thought I'd bring this article to everyone's attention. And, no, I didn't write it.
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