Does anyone have any tips on writing high quality secondary essays?



I'm at the phase where I'm answering a lot of prompts to questions about myself that frankly I've never considered. I feel like I have to dig really deep to find answers and sometimes I'm really not satisfied with whatever I come up with for answers to their personal prompts but sometimes it's all I have that applies.

What is some advice that you guys could give me to writing impressive essays and answers questions about myself honestly and in depth while also projecting the image of an ideal medical student candidate to admissions committees?


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May 18, 2016
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This is a hard question. I think it really varies from school to school. Some emphasize different qualities in their students and, unfortunately, we usually don't know what those qualities are. The best you can do is make sure you answer the questions presented thoroughly and honestly. Even if I feel great about my secondary essays I still like to have at least one other person read them through for content, flow, and grammar. I especially like to know what kind of impression I am leaving on a reader that doesn't know me. This gives me a hint as to how an adcom may view me after reading my essays. As long as you show passion for your goals and the things you've accomplished and show that you've used your undergrad time wisely and learned from it, I think that's all you can really do.


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Aug 4, 2015
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The topic is write about yourself right? So what interesting about yourself that you want adcom to knows? You know yourself the best, so it's in your best interest to find the best quality that you possessed and write about it :)