Does anyone have numbers for actual graduates over the past 5-10 years?

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Jan 18, 2014
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I keep hearing stories that class sizes are getting smaller - and wondering if it has translated into lower grads yet. I just saw my school say they have 68 people in their white coat ceremony this year - I graduated with 104 students 16 years ago. We are not one of these diploma mill schools (established in 1880's) but not some big state school - sort of a above average school back when there was 80ish schools (so probably a lot higher percentile ranking now). I am wondering how much of this has to do with the 40k tuition in a midwestern state that is seeing braindrain vs just a trend nationwide of pharmacy schools as a whole.

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AACP keeps up with all of that stuff.

Here is the table from 18-19.
And the introduction for 2020 (I doubt 2021 is out yet)

So there is a drop in graduates in 2019 and 2020 from a peak in 2018.

EDIT: Found more info

Looks like there was a peak in applicants in the 09-10 cycle with a drop every year since. Farther down you can see accepted applicants peaked in the 14-15 cycle.

Edit #2: More info found:
Here is the page with the full 2020 info. The data for 2020 is excel files though so I can't link it directly.
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Paul Tran does a fantastic job of breaking down AACPs data over the past decade better so than so called 'expert consultants' hired by the schools. Seriously, you need to watch if you want to know about admissions.