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May 3, 2005
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No No No!!! ASIPP, as well as other major pain organizations such as ISIS and NASS and AAPM permit attendance at their annual meetings and some of their other meetings, but none of the major pain organizations knowingly permit non-physician attendance in their cadaver courses. ASIPP has adopted an even more comprehensive policy that prevents their board members from teaching non-physicians interventional pain techniques in non-ASIPP cadaver courses. This is current information and should serve as notice that ASIPP is working to assure appropriately trained and educated individuals are engaging in providing quality pain care across the US.


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Sep 16, 2004
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The question that should be asked is should nurses be allowed to go to any meetings.

Opthamologists previously allowed optometrists to attend their national meetings. When optometry tried to expand their practice, they argued since they went to the same meetings as ophthalmology, they were in fact the same.

Now optometrists are no longer allowed at ophthalmology meetings...
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