does dartmouth have the same admission policy as brown?


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May 25, 2006
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Are you asking because of the Dartmouth-Brown Program? I was actually told by a Dartmouth recruiter that they're no longer doing that program :(

Dartmouth's avg composite score is 10.7 and they are ranked 32 (if you think that that means anything). Brown on the other hand is ranked 38 (both by usnews) but their avg composite score is 11.1. Medians are a little more reliable than means and the MSAR is a good sourse for median test scores, GPAs, etc.

Furthermore, only recently has Brown opened up med school admissions to regular applicants using AMCAS, like as few as 11 or so students in the past couple of years have gotten in this way. Brown Med students used to come solely from Dartmouth-Brown, specified post-bac programs, undergrad, etc.

Hope this helps

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