Dental Does Nursing experience count for something in a Dental school interview?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Hello, I am a registered nurse with 2 years of ICU experience looking to change careers to dentistry. Is my 2 years of ICU experience valuable in my application to dental school? Also, I am ACLS certified through my job, is that worth mentioning in my application as well? Thank you.
Unless a patient goes to the ICU for a wisdom tooth, probably not terribly useful for your career or dental school applications. However, you have already been around the healthcare field so I guess it's better than nothing. You will list ACLS certification on your app, but again nothing crazy helpful.

You will need both dental volunteering/clinical experience, non-clinical volunteering, and dental shadowing not only for your application but to make sure you actually want to be a dentist. The worst thing would be to get into dental school and then figure out you hate teeth.
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