I was wondering if anyone knew if ohio state screens. I have an old MSAR and it says it does. My app. just got processed and says my app was transmitted on the 1st, and i got a secondary on the 2nd, so I am not sure if they are screening or not?

Anyone know for sure?



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I don't know anything for sure...but here is what I do know.

I had an informational interview with the asst. ad director, Lorna Kenyon over the Christmas/Winter break while visiting my mother in law. I'm a former Ohio resident, now in Arizona, but not adverse to being a buckeye again.

Ms. Kenyon said that this year, Ohio State was opening up admissions evenly to in and out of state residents and not screening for residency. Good news for me as an AZ rez, bad news for 3.2 GPAers from Toledo.

There's one kind of screening that is, in effect, now gone.

AND...While waiting for my interview with Ms. Kenyon, I also overheard the receptioninst tell an applicant on the phone that the school was only conducting interviews with applicants with at least a 30 MCAT "at this time." ( mid December).

So there's another kind of screening, indirectly, in place.

Take this info for what it is...Frankly, I'm not sure what to make of it. But I got my secondary last week, nonetheless.
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