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Feb 11, 2007
New York, NY
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hi! i live in NY, i have for 2 years, and i just started a postbacc last year. i will be applying for dental school to start fall '08 (so i'll apply this summer)

my question is this: since i have a lease in NY, i can claim NY residency, but my permanent address is in South Carolina. I was planning on applying to Bu, NYU, mainly the private schools. Would it put me at an advantage to claim one or the other? I was thinking maybe the SC residency would be more beneficial since private schools like to have diversity...but i could be completely wrong.

any help that you could give would be great!

thanks in advance!


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Jul 3, 2006
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Most private schools give some kind of preference to instate students. Such as Marquette there is no other dental school in WI so they are subsidized by the state. 50% of seats go to WI residents. As far as the east coast goes I am clueless but you would think some private schools accept more instate vs outstate. Did I mention I am no expert best place to find stats such as the ratio of InSt/OuSt would be And then find out the schools residensy policy, some schools are more strict then others.
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