Doing a 2nd residency and salary?


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Nov 14, 2006
    Here's a question that i hope someone might help answer.

    If someone is doing a 2nd residency, does his/her salary start over at the PGY-1 level or does his/her salary reflect the total number of years he/she has been in a residency in the past (ie. If he/she has finished a 3 year IM residency and is now starting a 5 year surgical residency, does he/she get paid as a pgy-1 thatfirst year or does some "law" (perhaps, because resident salary's are goverment related) require he/she be paid as a pgy-4? Or is salary completely institution dependent and everything is up to the programs themselves.



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    Sep 10, 2007
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      I don't the answer for sure, but my money and the farm would be on your salary = the level of work you're doing. If you're a surgery attending retraining in radiology, you're paid at the PGY-2 level since that's what level of service you're providing. Otherwise it's rather akin to a CEO commanding $35 million a year when teaching elementary school.


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      May 15, 2008
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        If you are a PGY1 surgery, you'll be paid a PGY1 salary, regardless of whether or not you already did some other residency. The hospital would not get paid as much (by the government) for your training, so they had better want you a lot.
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          As others have said, you are paid at the level you are in your current program without regard to how many previous years you've spent in training.

          This also comes up in fellowship; I and some friends who spent time in the lab disappointed to find ourselves paid as PGY-6s rather than the PGY 8 or 9 we actually were.


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          Mar 27, 2004
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            Better take the pay for the level you are at and be grateful for it. The hospital gets a greatly reduced rate of reimbursement once you've used up your allotment years so a lot of places are hesistant to even take someone who can't get fully funded.
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