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Sep 28, 2007
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Hey guys,
So I'm just a first year medical student in Central Europe (Charles First Faculty of Medicine, Prague, CR). I want to go to the States after I finish my 6 long years of study here. I was wondering if Australia would be a good option for dong any clinical rotations or perhaps even transferring in the 3rd year? I don't really know if this is possible but I'm considering this as an alternative (the other alternative is one of the UK schools).

The reason I'm considering Australia is because recently I was browsing one of the medical school hospitals to check out the residency programs and I found a few which said "students hands-on experience from UK or Australia/ New Zealand are highly preferred over those who don't have any at all".

I also have some relative there so living there shouldn't be a big problem. It's just a matter of transferring to a university that accepts international. Would any of you happen to know which univs. accept transfer students? And how much do they charge for international students? What about rotations?

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
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