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Jul 8, 2006
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  1. Medical Student
It is during breakdowns like these that attention is focused on problems and broad solutions can be enacted. Let's not sit by and let this scandal pass. This is the perfect opportunity to have our concerns aired. Contact your representative or senator. Write in to the Washington Post or to the commission being set up to examine military and veteran medical care. Propose changes to your CO. Something good could come out of all of this. Here are some starting points:

-HPSP shortfalls
-lack of funding for HPSP $30,000 stipend
-the GMO system
-physician retention
-physician pay
-poor EMR
-poor continuity of care
-unnecessary PCS reducing continuity and stressing physician families
-low surgical case load
-leadership by non-physicians
-bureaucratic waste and hassle
-inadequately trained or manned support staff


The Lorax
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Jul 5, 2005
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You forgot facilities and chaotic deployment cycle.

Wait a minute - that's the entire medical system!
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