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    I am a brand new member and this definitely a great site. I have a similar problem of my own.

    I recently got engaged and my fiance is doing residency (Internal Medicine) in India. He completed his M.D. in Russia. I am a 2nd year medical student, studying at University of Michigan medical school. I think he shall be here by fall of 2002. I am worried about residencies. He hasn't taken the ECFMGs yet. He is planning to do research for a year while he prepares and appears for the exams. Eventually, we want to go for a couples match, not necessarily in the state of Michigan, though we prefer it. I don't know ANYONE :( who is a foreign graduate and can guide us about the do's and don'ts.

    Please advise

    Thanks a ton

    Yogi [email protected]
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    you'll be his best contact. his training in india will have to be started all over again. as a spouse of a permanent resident, he needn't worry about visas. he should immediately begin the ecfmg certification process, starting with step 1. he could write that in india. then step 2 then csa (clinical skills assessment, for which he'd have to come to the US to do) He should have ecfmg certification and all resident issues sorted out before applying to residencies.
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    Doing a residency together will depend on what type of medicine both of you want to practice. For your (to be husband) he needs to have all his ducks in a row now, so he is not doing medical billing while waiting to get a residency position (a lot of foreign med students end up doing medical billing to learn their english etc.). Check out as they tell you the ins and outs of coming to the US with a foreign medical degree.
    Foreign Dude

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