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Double Withdrawal: how does it look?


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Oct 12, 2006
  1. Medical Student
Posting for a friend:

My friend registered for organic chemistry I last yr; however, due to poor marks, he ended up withdrawing for a course. This year, he decided to retake it, but after consulting his advisor who recommeded that he take it instead over the summer, he dropped the class again; however, since he was past the drop date, the class was recorded as a W. As university policy is very strict, they are not removing this W. Subsequently that summer he retook the course and received an A in orgo I and A in orgo II. How will this double withdrawal affect his chances of admission given the fact that he has a 3.5 gpa with several low grades that he retook? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would tell this "friend" that the prospect of withdrawing twice from the same course looks 100X worse than a normal withdrawal. That being said, the As received in the summer course is undoubtedly a mitigating circumstance. In my humble, esquirian opinion, I shall recommend that thee make the effort to have thy premed committee mention this in the case your school drafts a committee letter. If not, i would seek a recommendation from the professor in whose class you received the A, and have him mention this circumstance. It's my belief that these explanations sound better coming from an external source--as one might smell the foul odor of BULL feces when students explain these situations first hand (true or not). Anyways, I offer encouragement to you...err, I mean your friend.

Akademix Esq.
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