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Downstate vs Tufts

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by jmirakhor, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. jmirakhor

    jmirakhor New Member

    Jun 25, 2001
    Hello, I am writing for advice regarding medical school. In the next day I have to make a decision between attending tufts or downstate and am finding it extremely difficult to make up my mind. Ill try to outline the factors that are weighing into my decision and hopefully you guys could give me some advice.
    Ideally I would like to stay in NY but would not mind living in Boston. I will be paying all the tuition myself so cost to some extent is a factor. More importantly though is being competitive going into residency. I am leaning towards neurosurgery but that might very well change. Regardless I would like to be in a position coming out of medical school to get into any residency I would desire. I am also considering doing my residency in California and that yet is another factor because I don't know if tufts has a huge advantage against downstate out west. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. LaRa CRoFt

    LaRa CRoFt Member 7+ Year Member

    May 22, 2001
    I don't have much advice for you but have you tried looking at the match list for the two schools and comparing them? You might try to check that out. Good luck and I hope you can come to a decision soon. Also why don't you post the difference in how much you would have to be paying total at the two schools?
  4. Mikado

    Mikado Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 2, 2001
    I'd go with Tufts. Better facilities, better name recognition, better school. Don't worry about leaving NYC. They say a change is as good as a rest. Good luck.
  5. turtleboard

    turtleboard SDN Advisor 10+ Year Member

    Jun 3, 1999
    New York, New York
    Take it from a Downstate medical student: YOU MUST GO TO TUFTS.
  6. scootad.

    scootad. Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 1, 2001
    I was in your situation a year ago, i was choosing between SUNY syracuse and TUFTs and it was a very difficult decision. In the end I chose Tufts, and am now in the process of accumulating about a half a million dollar debt! :eek: Its really scary. Im interested in pursuing derm. and I figured it definitely has better name recognition and i think i want to stay in boston. I also like the curriculum, anatomy begins 2nd semester (as opposed to 1st) and the grading is H,P,F. Tufts has NO MONEY to give, so be prepared for really crappy financial aide packages. In addition, most of the student body is pretty affluent, and get family help paying tuition. Living in boston is very expensive, an apt near school will run you about $1000/mo. I definitely still wonder if i made the right decision and on many days i dont think i did since ill be paying off my debt until i retire :eek: This is a very personal decision for you to make. I love the people i met at Tufts and like the curriculum. If you're looking to go to a better school i dont think you can even compare downstate to Tufts. Good luck with your decision!
  7. Denilson

    Denilson Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jul 6, 2001
    dude take'll save a lot of money to buy yourself something nice :)..
    name recognition?..tufts?..if you're after name and recognition go for a good residency program in MD is an MD no matter where you went to school...if you think differently it's all about's service profession not an elite club..many MDs are too damn proud of their accomplishments that they turn away when it comes to helping out the needy instead of golf...i'm i too idealistic?...well, it's my go DONWSTATE and money!!!it's the same education... ;)
  8. booie00

    booie00 Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Jul 18, 2001
    I guess it depends on what you want to do with med education. On the one hand if you plan to go into primary care then almost any med school will do, so save and go to Brooklyn. You'll get plenty of clinical experience at the under-staffed King's County Hospital. On the other hand, if you want to go into some specialty or pursue into academics, then a "well-recognized" (name wise) place like Tufts would be a better option, although I also agree the costs of attending there is ludicrious. When I interviewed there, I didn't felt that Tufts could justify their high costs considering the fact that Tufts did not really stand out among other fine med schools not to mention the Ivies. Tufts over the past years has had - like Georgetown and Hanneman - many financial difficulties. In fact, according to the med students there, Tufts almost went belly up. That's the reason why they don't offer any grants or financial assitance to their med students - they have no resources. So I guess they are trying to recoup their losses through the hapless med students.
    I don't remember what each school's placemency stats were but I think Tufts has a better record; thus better chances to strengthen your specialty.

    But aside academics or name-recognition, chose a school in which you feel comfortable and have a good vibe. After all you'll be spending the next four years there and you definitely do not want to have any regrets and feel miserable for attending the "wrong" school. Good luck~~
  9. guardian

    guardian Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2001
    Why do you say that? I just got pulled from their waitlist three days ago. Any stories ;)?

    I called Tufts and spoke to the director. I geuss he was referring to you when he said that deadlines for acceptance were approaching soon ;) j/k.
  10. guardian

    guardian Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 25, 2001

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