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Feb 18, 2004
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Has anyone out there made decisions among these three schools? I was accepted to Downstate and Tulane and am waitlisted at Wake. Firstly, let me just say that I was over the moon to get into any medical school at all and now I'm kind of shocked that I'm in this position. I am a native new yorker and downstate was my first choice in the city. I never thought I'd get into Tulane and so I didn't seriously consider the option of going there. Now, I'm not sure how to decide between Downstate and Tulane and I'm also not sure whether to push for Wake (I think I'd have a decent chance of getting off the waitlist if I really wanted too) Wake's the best ranked of the three schools, but I really liked the feeling I got at each of them when I interviewed. I have a public health background and so Downstate and Tulane provide great opportunities to work with underserved commmunities; Wake is in a beautiful place and I like the peace and quite of suburban Winston. But I also love NY. Lastly, though it's a ways off, I am split down the middle about whether or not I want to do my residency in NY or L.A.. (i lived in L.A. for a year and loved it and would be glad to spend a few years there). I THINK Tulane matches better in Cali, but I'm not sure. These are the things on my mind! I am particularly aware of the positive aspects of Downstate, but does anyone else who may have been in this position have any other thoughts about the positives and negatives of Wake and Tulane? I know I can't go wrong with any of these, but I want to make the best choice.

Thanks- I want to make the decision asap so a seat can open up for someone else :)


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Feb 18, 2005
In my opinion, Tulane is a much better choice. you get the urban environment and i hear that it is alot easier to place outta there. and if you are even considering the cali thing, youll want to address it now, as opposed to several years from now.