Dr. Collins study materials for sale!! KAPLAN PCAT INCLUDED!!

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Dec 1, 2010
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I've seen the 2012 packet and they really just included a 2 page update section with a few new questions. The other 98% of the packet was identical!

$110, includes:
Verbal: Study guide and 7 practice exams
Reading: Explanation and 5 practice tests
Essay: Topic list of practice essay prompts and information on what to avoid, outline, structure.
Chemistry: Study guide and 9 practice exams
Biology: Study guide and 8 practice exams
Quantitative – Study guide and 5 practice tests.

This study guide is where its at! The only thing I would recommend is that you also purchase the Kaplan book, but only look at it for Biology review. Their work is extensive compared to the Collins group and helped me go from a 420-450 on biology.

My overall composite improved from a 79 to a 92 with the following scores after using the packet:
Reading: 98
Bio: 96
Chem: 91
Verbal: 98
Quant: 85

Study packet includes January 2011 update.

The sections that I think Dr. Collins is strongest with are the math, verbal, and chemistry sections. The practice tests are very similar to the difficulty and types of questions asked on the PCAT, and I had 2 or 3 verbal questions on my actual PCAT that were exactly the same as on the practice test. PM if interested.

Also will throw in Kaplan PCAT prep book for 2010-2011 for another $10.

If you can't come by my location I can ship the materials. PayPal is safe for both parties so I would like to go that route. Shipping will be a little extra.
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