Mar 22, 2018
Hi everyone, I am currently trying to find an affordable option for MCAT preparation as I am beginning to study to take the MCAT by the end of the summer. I haven't been able to find any reviews for this program and was wondering if anyone has used this program and has any thoughts on whether it was helpful or not? Thanks so much!


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Feb 2, 2016
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Did not take the program, but there is a link in my signature you can visit that has reviews compiled by many students. Search "Dr. Flowers" And you may be able to get the answers you are seeking.

Regarding affordable MCAT preparation: Self study is a strategy that DOES work and is incredibly effective. is an EXCELLENT affordable option for COMPREHENSIVE mcat content review. You can then get the AAMC bundle (Free via Fee Assistance program, and $250-268 otherwise) and go through these and seek solutions and you'll have studied for FREE. For Khan Academy I have also compiled notes that you can use (link in signature) to go along these videos. You can also check out your library to rent free MCAT books if you prefer or check the SDN ClassFieds which is consistently a low-cost way to get MCAT books from someone done with their MCAT.

For a Study schedule - would be a free way to get one - and there are various ones posted on SDN under the study schedule thread as well.

What is your MCAT budget? Would be happy to help you find the most optimal use of your money if you send me some more information about your study habits, how long you have to study, your goal score, and how you learn best.