Driving to Chicago


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Apr 5, 2002
  1. Medical Student
    Hello to all of you people out in SDN-Land. How are you doing?

    Anyway, I got accepted to CCOM and I will most likely attend school there starting this Fall 2002. However, I will be driving from....Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL. Yikes!

    Has anyone ever driven this pathway? Can you give me any advice??


    El Manjar

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    Jul 21, 2002

      I live in San Diego and will be attending CCOM this Fall as well. I am still working out all the details of driving out there myself. This is complicated by the fact that I am living off campus and have no living arrangements yet. I was planning on leaving CA between the 21st to 23rd of August, arriving around the 27th, getting a hotel and spending the four days after orientation searching for a more permanent means of living. Of course, this is all in the very rough planning stages and likely to change since I want to find the cheapest means possible. That drive is going to be a pain, but starting school and the change of environment will be very welcome. What are your plans for the drive?
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