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Dropping Organic Chem 2


Full Member
2+ Year Member
Oct 6, 2016
Hey all, I am very hesitant to drop my organic chem 2 lecture however I feel like I need to because I am doing poorly in it. The whole class is actually not doing well partly due to a new professor who has a different style of teaching. Long story, short: his exams are extremely tough. I go to a small university and there was only one organic chem professor who taught both orgo 1 and 2. He had a very different style of teaching and I guess it was more "direct" and we knew what would be on the exams. In this class, we don't really know what to expect in part because the professor expects us to know the material. I know it's no excuse but I really can't gamble with not knowing how the rest of the semester will go. The old professor will be teaching orgo 2 next semester and I figured I could drop now with a W and retake it in the spring of 2017.
I do have pretty hard classes this semester yet it's just 13 credit hours including a genetics course(4 hour) and an organic chem 1 lab (1 credit), because I didn't take it while taking the orgo 1 lecture due to no space availability.
I have dropped a few courses before and I realize this is not the best option but I simply cannot afford anything below a B anymore. I don't have the highest gpa as well due to a horrible 1st year but I have pulled it up a lot. I'm currently a junior and still have 3-4 more semesters before I graduate. I am trying really hard to get the best grades as possible and take my entrance exam for either medical school (mcat) or dental school (dat) by next fall. I am still debating what I want to do in the health professions.
I have to decide this soon and was wondering what would be my best option? I'd really appreciate any and all advice. Thanks!


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Jan 17, 2012
  1. Resident [Any Field]
For deciding which path, I would figure that out ASAP as the GPA difference can be different. As for the W's, I had many on my own record and did fine. Sometimes life hits you hard and you need to be calculative about it. However, you will need to defend the Ws on the secondary or primary. Better to have the higher GPA and defend for it then be screened out. But without knowing your GPA, hard to assess chances. But if you really think you will do bad, please drop so it doesn't become a nightmare on your GPA.
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