Drug related suspension from 2011


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  • May 27, 2017
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      In 2011 someone I know was expelled after their freshman year of undergrad because about an ounce of marijuana was found in their dorm room. Their school judicial board charged them with possession/possession with intent to distribute. The school was in a state where an ounce is automatically possession with intent, regardless of whether or not the person was selling. They were not convicted by the state and the record was expunged, but it remains on their record at the school. It's been 7 years, they're sober and they have matured quite a bit. They were handing a lot of personal issues at the time but they've learned drugs are a stupid way to go about it. Is this something that would bar them from medical school? They would be upfront about it in their applications. They had to interview with the head of public safety at the school they transferred to (and are currently matriculating at) before being admitted so I think it's pretty evident that part of their life is in the distant past. Does anyone have experience with this? They asked their attorney but he said it was difficult to say for certain.
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