Dual Credit Student w/ medical prereqs at a community college?


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Mar 28, 2017
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Okay, to first start off.. Let me explain a bit about the program I am in.

I am in a high school collegiate program which allows me to take college credit classes as a high school student. The school that I am currently attending is at a community college, of course. I am currently a junior in high school at this community college. By the end of my senior year, I would have about 60+ college credit hours which would complete my associates degrees, enabling me to finish college faster and save A LOT of money by knocking out 1-2 years of college.

Afterwards, I plan on attending the University of Texas at Austin to finish up my prereqs for a Bachelor degree in biology. Then, from there, I plan on applying to medical schools such as Baylor or UT Southwestern.

My only concern regards the prereqs that I plan on taking at my high school/college. See, I went on the UT Southwestern website to look at the list prerequisites required for a general reference. You can look at the prerequisites yourself on the following link:


After taking a look at my degree plan/high school plan, I noticed that some of my prerequisites will be completed at the community college. To be brief, the prerequisites that UT Southwestern is looking for are: English, Math (either statistics OR Calculus 1), Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I will have my English and Math (Calculus 1) completed by end of senior year. And I plan to take statistics at UT Austin, so technically, my prereq for math WOULD be at a 4-year institution as well as a community college. As for my science course, I have the choice to pick any course for senior year. From ongoing talk, I hear that medical schools are mostly concerned about the applicant's biology and chemistry courses. And I also hear that medical school take into consideration WHERE the applicant took their courses. (EX. A biology course at UT Austin gives off a better academic impression as opposed to a biology course at a community college) My brother was actually denied admission from Baylor Dental School because he took his biology course at a community college. (Don't worry. He made it into San Antonio dental school and is living a successful life as a dentist now! Haha.) With that, I decided to finish my Physics credit next year during senior year, since medical schools supposedly give more thought towards my biology and chemistry credits, and I plan on saving my biology and chemistry courses for UT Austin, so that the academic impression remains impressive. So... my question poses... Is everything that I have stated so far true? Do medical schools consider biology and chemistry with greater concern as opposed to math, english, and physics? And should I be concerned that my English and Physics prerequisites will be completed at a community college? Should I consider retaking those courses at a 4-year institution to ensure a better foundation for medical school?

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Nov 10, 2009
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Personally I've always thought it wasn't all that imperative that you take all your prereqs at a university especially if you're going to be a biology major who has a significantly higher amount of upper level credits in significantly harder classes. At that point your overall gpa and your mcat probably by far become the more important factors, not whether you took intro biology and chemistry at a cc.

But then again a lot of medical schools are pretty outright snobbish and are keen more on taking the right pedigree than anything else.