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Feb 2, 2016
Hello SDN, new member here! TLDR at the bottom.

So, I'm looking for some advice/information. I'm a freshman in UG, currently in my second semester. My plan is to eventually be accepted into medical school (preferably MD) and go on to become a physician. Now, my concern at the moment is my GPA. My senior year of high school, I was given the chance to take some dual enrollment courses through my local CC and feeling confident in my abilities to do well, I enrolled in two: College algebra and Intro to Psych. Halfway through that semester, I had a death in my family that made things very difficult for my family and I. I know it may sound like I'm making an excuse, but I fell behind in my school work because of the impact of this loss and long story short, I thought I could bring up my grades so I didn't withdraw from those classes, but ended up getting a D in algebra and a B in Psych. Had a college GPA of 1.33.

Now to the present. Took four classes my first semester of UG (all GE), earned three A's and an A-, giving me a GPA of 3.925 for my UG school. However, because of those dual enrollment classes, it is calculated into my overall GPA weighing it down to a 3.163. After doing some research, I've learned that the amcas GPA will include those dual enrollment classes. My question to you guys is how greatly this will affect my chances of an MD school? I understand I'm only a freshman and it's so early to tell what my chances are, and I still have plenty of classes ahead of me to bring up my GPA, but I did get a D in Algebra. Should I retake both of these classes and then get A's in both which I know I can do? (Probably recommended) Should I really be worried as much as I am? I'd appreciate any help or recommendations of what I can do, thank you!

Tldr: took two dual enrollment classes in HS, didn't receive high grades, affecting GPA in UG and wondering how this affects me for medical school


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Feb 2, 2016
Also, if I earn mostly A's and maybe some B's in the rest of my classes in UG, could anyone provide me with a rough estimate of how high I can bring up my GPA?


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Jan 4, 2016
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I mean retake them if you want (probably a good idea). If you continue to earn the grades you're getting all throughout UG, those dual enrollment should not significantly affect you (may drop your AMCAS to ~3.7, check my work cuz I'm guesstimating). But to be safe retake.


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Jan 5, 2016
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Effectively you got a 3.16 your first semester which doesn't kill your chance at all. Keep getting As like you did in your college courses and you'll be fine.
I'd retake your math.
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