Sep 8, 2012
Resident [Any Field]
Ok, so the AOA match list is out. I see none of the three dual programs where I interviewed at in the scramble list. So, I contacted them and asked if they filled the spots they allocated for the DOs. One them got back to me and said they did. The others kept mum, whcih is fine. My question is- can programs choose to offer the spots in a DO match and then decide to skip the AOA scramble? Just curious.
P.S: I did not do the DO match.
Feb 13, 2013
Medical Student
Yeah, if they are dual they can do the DO match, then whatever spots remain unmatched, can then re-allocate them to the ACGME match (and skip the DO scramble). But AOA-only programs can't do that and will remain open for AOA scramble
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