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Oct 18, 2006
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I am filing for FAFSA this weekend and would like to include Duke. But my interview is schedule later this month and I couldn't find much information on Duke's Financial aid office website.
My question is that is Duke one of those schools that encourage you to submit FAFSA before receiving final decision?

I know that Columbia website tells people not to file until either 3/16 or acceptance letter while places like Tufts and Pitt want you to submit FAFSA ASAP.

Thanks! :)


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Aug 26, 2006
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I started working on my financial aid stuff today as well. Im still waiting to hear back from a few schools that I interviewed at as well. Should I include those schools in my FAFSA?

Dr Durden

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Jun 16, 2006
The Dirty South
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I would go ahead and send your FAFSA to all schools at which you've interviewed. Duke won't be releasing decisions until after March 7, but the financial aid deadline is March 31. I don't remember them saying anything about waiting until you have a thick envelope to file, and nothing on the flyer distributed on interview day mentions this either. File early; what's the worst the happens?


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Sep 12, 2002
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I just interviewed at Duke last week, and they told us to go ahead and do FAFSA now and to include duke. Good luck!
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