Sep 29, 2011
My COMLEX level 1 was >500, which I was really happy about. No idea how this happened because I studied all year for COMLEX level 2, but for whatever reason, my level 2 score tanked down to 458. Nothing I can do about that - I get it.

I really want to stay my current city (A very large metropolitan center with 20+ programs) for internal medicine or family medicine. I know those aren't the most competitive specialties, but with the dip in my step 2 score, my spirits are down. I've done well overall in school and on rotations. My letters are average, nothing super stellar. How do you guys think I'll fare applying DO internal medicine and MD family medicine? I'm applying to 25-26 DO IM programs and 25-30 MD FM programs. Anyone have experience dipping in level 2 scores?

I also took USMLE step 1 and 2, passed both but with below average scores.


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Jan 27, 2007
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With no real red flags, you will probably be ok. If you want to stay in certain area, consider doing a few audition rotations in the area.

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