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Oct 12, 2017
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Hey, I recently got accepted into D'Youville College of Pharmacy for August 2018, anyone have interviews or have been accepted already??

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Sigh... I wanted to apply to this school. But St. John Fisher and LIU took my time and money!
Hi guy,
I am a quantitative economics major. My overall GPA is 3.4 with a 3.2 science gpa. I still have to take organic chemistry and PCAT. I'm really scared to apply. Do you guys know how hard it is to get into D'Youville pharmD program?
Hi! I didn't apply to D'Youville because I got into my top choice, but I had spoken to a rep, I think her name is Tina, I forgot, and I had stats just like yours. She claimed that there's no PCAT requirements, but she told me that you need at least over a 30 percentile on the PCAT to be considered, but 60 is competitive.