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Early Acceptance - CPG


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Mar 18, 2004
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  1. Pharmacist
    I'm curious about the early acceptance programs that schools offer, CPG in particular. I'm planning as if I'm not going to get into pharmacy school this fall (so I can have classes at my current school in case I really don't get in), and I plan on submitting my PharmCAS application in May/June when the new apps are available, so I can REALLY have a headstart on next year.

    I read on Midwestern - CPG's website that "To be eligible for the early admission cycle, the prospective student must take the PCAT examination no later than October of the current year, submit a completed PharmCAS application and two Letters of Evaluation by October 1st ." Is that it? Or do they, too, have a cut-off GPA (for example, 3.5 even though they will take apps from those with lower GPAs). Thanks for your time. :)


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    Jun 12, 2003
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    1. Pharmacist
      I spoke in person with an admissions counselor at CPG just this monday. Apparently they are discontinuing their early admissions program for the next application cycle due to lack of interest. The new system will be rolling admissions starting this summer. So get that app in fast...early bird gets the worm!


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      1. Pharmacist
        Lack of interest? :rolleyes: They only reserve ~25 out of 130 seats for the early applicants. This year there were 250 applicants that met the early deadline, so there was 1 admission offer for every 10 applications. I think those other 9 applicants were interested in matriculating. :rolleyes: At the regular deadline, there was 1500 applications for the remaining ~100 seats, or 1 seat for every 15 applicants. I think the real reason they're discontinuing the early deadline is that there's so many applicants now that they have to review them as they receive them instead of being overwhelmed with applications near the second deadline like they were this year. People will apply earlier if they know that it's rolling admissions.
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        Feb 28, 2004
          It means that when you completed your apps, they will take care of it and review it even before their deadline. They don't wait until the process is over. It's like they are having a weekly or bi-weekly review of applications. So when you apply really early, you have bigger chance to get interview invitation and acceptance. For example, Ohio State has a rolling admission where they interview applicants and then have a meeting two days after each interview day. It was supersweet when I got my acceptance offer from Ohio three days after my interview.


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          Dec 19, 2003
          1. Pharmacist
            the way i see it, if the "smarter" batch of applicant get lazy and decide to apply in december, and if you aren't as "smart" but you apply in October, then you wouldn't really compete with this "smarter" batch folks. hence, rolling app's is a GOOD thing for average joe's like me :)
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