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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by SarahL, Mar 14, 2002.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'll be starting med school in the fall and believe it or not I'm already thinking about my residency app. I'm thinking about applying for a position on a nonprofit Board of Directors in San Francisco, not to pad the app but because I'm really interested in what these organizations do. Ultimately, though, it will come up when I'm trying to get a good residency, so I want to be sure I'm making a commitment to something that may not only be a great experience, but may also enhance my application.

    Would it be better to choose something health-related, or something that would add a little diversity to my background, like literacy or the arts? San Francisco has a huge number of nonprofits to choose from.

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and to those of you getting your match results, congratulations!


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