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    Is ECMG certification a requirement to participate (rank) in the match?

    what about those of us who have completed all our USMLE's and are simply waiting for the day where we get to walk and get the damn diploma already?

    I was under the impression that if the status is "pending" it would be ok, no?
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    This is clearly discussed on the ECFMG and NRMP web sites. You are only required by the NRMP to have completed all the steps toward ECFMG certification except receipt of your final diploma to submit a rank order list.

    If you have not completed all the examinations by the date of the ROL, you will be withdrawn from the match.

    Technically you must have the ECFMG certificate to start residency only bearing in mind that some programs will not interview you without it.

    But yes, a "pending" certificate, awaiting receipt of the diploma, is sufficient by NRMP's rules.

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